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    Maureen Rulison, BCPA, CMP, CDMCP

    Maureen Rulison

    Maureen Rulison

    Maureen Rulison, BCPA, CMP, CDMCP, founded Caregiver Support and Resources, LLC in 2004 as a medicaid-planning company. In her twenties, Maureen worked for the State of Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services in the Medicaid for Aged and Disabled Individuals division. Two life-changing things happened while she was in this unit. First, she learned Florida Medicaid policy and how to apply it. Second, she learned the realities elders in assisted-living facilities and nursing homes face daily. 

    Maureen left state employment in 1999 and became an independent contractor. She worked with individuals to obtain eligibility for Medicaid and VA Aid & Attendance. Specifically, she protected their assets to meet qualifications for such programs. Two other things happened in 1999 that ultimately changed the course of the company. Maureen became a Certified Eden Alternative Associate and she became involved with the Alzheimer’s Association. 

    Her career path opened her eyes to what was truly happening to the people she cared so much for: the elders, their loved ones and those who work in long-term care. It became evident that “failure to plan is planning to fail.” So she expanded the services assisting families in covering the costs of long-term care, including planning opportunities for aging in place and person-focused life-care planning. To Maureen, it was obvious she needed to partner with an elder-law firm to complete the planning for her clients. Today, Caregiver Support & Resources, LLC partners with multiple law firms to provide benefit planning for our clients. Additionally, Maureen is now a Board Certified Patient Advocate and certified Medicaid Planner.

    Stemming from working with the Alzheimer’s Association and The Eden Alternative, Maureen’s focus and passion grew for serving individuals with dementia-related illnesses and person-centered care for all.


    Through the decades of working with elders and persons with other abilities, Maureen has had thousands of opportunities to see it takes a village to provide a life worth living in all care circumstances. Caregiver Support & Resources, LLC meets that goal. Through building relationships with other professionals working in elder care and life-care planning, Caregiver Support & Resources, LLC has built a trusted database of referral partners to build this support village for our clients.

    Last, but not least, Maureen is a care partner to her life partner, Brian LeBlanc. Brian is living with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. Together, they have built a life-care plan that attends to his needs and hers. She has been educated by her own life experiences, The Alzheimer’s Association, The Eden Alternative, Pioneer Network and learning from past clients. Together Maureen and Brian have built We Are Dementia Strong, an educational resource for persons living with dementia and their care partners.